Décor & Ambiance

198What you see has a huge impact on how you feel. Guided by your concept, the event planners at NY Tent tap into their engineering skills and visual artistry to create spectacular interior environments. We magically transform fabric, wood, plastic, metal and natural materials into an elegantly appointed theme. Then we “paint” with light for a look and feel that welcomes your guests and invites them to gaze in wonder. It takes experienced decorators and craftspeople to imagine the grand possibilities of ceiling liners, fabrics, flooring, aluminum framing and decorative lighting. Whether your event calls for corporate conservatism or something fun and fabulous, NY Tent can transform a basic outdoor space into your dream affair.

Let’s look at some of the tools of our trade.

Tent Liners
A tent liner is decorative fabric that’s draped under the top interior of a tent. Its soft, sweeping lines add a level of sophistication to any décor, and it’s appropriate for every style and size tent. Typically, white is the liner color of choice, and we offer it in either smooth or gathered designs. Custom colors, fabrics and designs are also available upon request. The dramatic draping of a gathered tent liner adds an air of elegance, while the clean lines of a smooth tent liner provide a sleek and modern feel.

Drapes and Wraps
In addition to our selection of tent liners, we offer many fabric options that soften and enhance structural elements. These fabric embellishments include custom leg drapes and fabric leg wraps, as well as decorative fabric coverings for tent legs, framework and center poles.

Decorative Lighting
Lighting a tent properly is key to achieving the sophisticated look that our clients have come to expect. We offer many different styles and lighting options, including par can lighting, various sizes and styles of chandeliers, pin spot lights, string lights, festival lights and paper lanterns. We invite you to browse through our extensive portfolio to see the endless possibilities.