Your event is on solid footing with NY Tent. Our flooring concepts won’t only add style to your themed event, they’ll transform unusable space into accessible and functional areas. Our designers will show you how strategically placed subflooring levels uneven surfaces, and connects elevated event spaces. We have dozens of floor-covering options, including rich hardwoods and elegant tiles, and the most popular carpet and turf colors and piles.

114Let us create the ultimate “wow factor” for your guests. Our event planners, engineers and expert installers will design and construct a clear, hard-cover floor directly over your in-ground pool. Thanks to our proprietary engineer-certified Pool-Truss System, we unequivocally guarantee the floor’s safety and structural integrity—and its eye-popping appeal.

199Subflooring provides a flat, level surface for the tent housing, and serves as a supportive substructure for carpet, wood and other floor coverings. Our various sub- flooring options include stained wood, plastic surfaces, and staging, such as our Bil-Jax system, which levels out rugged terrains to allow for tent installation.

38Choose from a full complement of indoor/outdoor carpet styles, or customize your tent with an exquisite wood-finished surface. NY Tent has the perfect floor covering to enhance your event’s style or color scheme. From the start, our designers have your vision in mind. The right flooring simply adds the perfect finish.

217Our Bil-Jax-engineered flooring system transforms uneven surfaces into level playing fields where tents can be comfortably positioned and installed. Bil-Jax is a strong, leg-support technology that can be adjusted in 1-inch increments, allowing for grade changes between 12 inches and 20 feet. Rugged terrain, once unusable for tent installation, is now easily adaptable with Bill-Jax.