Tents can transform ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary indoor experience. NY Tent has the vision and skill to create remarkable environments in a multitude of styles—and in a multitude of sizes, which range from as small as 16 square feet to as large as 100,000 square feet. Always event-ready, our tents are meticulously maintained. They’re regularly cleaned with our industrial tent-washing machine, and professionally repaired by our seasoned operations and installation team.

23These majestic, visually striking structures provide elegance and grand style with their graceful lines and sweeping peaks. They’re also our most cost-efficient tents, offering customers the ultimate in elegance and value. The popular tension-pole designs—available in an array of sizes—are the traditional choice for weddings and formal affairs.

207This popular tent offers unrestricted internal space with greater options for tent size and enhanced structural durability. The “center-pole-less” design boasts an impressive, unencumbered span of up to 50 feet wide. And its airtight, weatherproof design can easily accommodate concerts, corporate business functions and graduation ceremonies, as well as gala celebrations.

184Frame tents are our most versatile and adaptable installation. Ideally suited to smaller spaces— from patios to walkways— from cozy outdoor concerts to intimate get-togethers— frame tents can be installed almost anywhere. Setup is quick and the cost is economical. Whether your concept calls for a single tent or a dozen, a frame tent offers the convenience of open, temporary space whenever and wherever you need it.

94The strongest and most spacious of our tents, clear-span structures provide large, unobstructed interiors capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. These large tents are versatile enough to transform a space into a bare-bones exhibition hall or an upscale, amenity-filled formal venue. Clear-span structures can actually be installed over trees, pools and light posts, creating spectacular outdoor venues.