Navi-Trac Frame Tents

179Our Navi-Trac series features a cutting-edge aluminum-frame construction, incorporating a channeled-beam design that creates a wide-open, uninterrupted space with weathertight seams and incredible stability. A stronger, more versatile version of the traditional frame tent, its unique features allow for larger-than-usual sizes and countless upgrades. A specialized feature of the Navi-Trac system permits the sidewalls to easily slide open and closed in seconds. Additionally, its durable construction is structurally reinforced to handle high-wind conditions. Navi-Trac frame tents come in either white or clear; are supported with either stakes or weights; and are offered with various options for the sidewalls, which can be white or clear, and with or without windows. Tents range from 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet in width, and can be configured in unlimited lengths. Navi-Trac incorporates the perfect attributes of high style and structural integrity.