How do I know what size or tent style I need?

Many factors influence the size and style of tent selection. Factors include the type of event; the number of guests expected; the nature of the event (what activities are taking place); and whether the tent can be staked or needs cement/water weights to properly secure it. When you contact us, we’ll schedule a free site inspection and consultation, and determine what is required for your specific event.

What geographic area does NY Tent serve?

NY Tent is based on Long Island, New York, and primarily serves New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, although our clients often book us for projects throughout the United States. Please call to discuss your event if it’s beyond the New York tri-state area.

Do you allow customers to “will call” or rent tents and set them up themselves?

Unfortunately, due to safety and insurance restrictions, we don’t rent our tents.  Our tents are manufactured with heavy, commercial-grade materials, and require highly trained professionals to properly install them.

Is a tent permit required for my event?

Codes, regulations and requirements vary from city to city. Our staff is familiar with all regional regulatory permitting, and will assume responsibility for necessary permits and applications.  All costs associated with permits will be billed back to you, and line-itemed on your invoice. Under certain circumstances, permits must be obtained directly by the rental client, but we’ll always let you know if that’s the case.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, wire transfers and cash.