So, you’re interested in hosting an outdoor soirée and are considering a tent as your venue. There are several factors to consider. Often times, hosts decide on a particular tent based solely on its appearance rather than assessing other important variables, such as the outdoor surface and overall space. Not sure what tent you should choose? Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide:

  • Cement, Asphalt or Grass? Different tents call for different surfaces. Prior to choosing a tent, call New York Tent to assess the space and determine what foundation your tent will rest on. For a cement or asphalt surface, a free-standing tent is suitable. For a grass area, a staked down tent is ideal.
  • How much space do you have? Certain tents call for more space than others. It is important to have one of New York Tent’s account managers measure your space to determine which tent is appropriate. Also, consider how many guests will attend to help determine the size of the tent.
  • Are interior poles acceptable? Are you looking to have a clear view of the entire event or are center poles in the tent’s interior acceptable? Frame tents and clear span structures allow for spacious, unobstructed interiors while pole and tension tents provide large swooping peaks created by interior center poles. It is important to think about the event layout before making your final decision.