A popular setting for weddings, fundraisers and formal affairs, the beach provides a beautiful backdrop for almost any elegant outdoor event. However, while one can easily be drawn to selecting this scenic location, there are some important variables to consider prior to choosing the beach.

  • Additional Permits: Unlike events held in the park or in one’s backyard, beach events typically require additional permits. Before selecting your specific beach location, be sure to do some research and be mindful of the local laws.
  • Tent Structure and Anchoring: Unlike grass or concrete surfaces, the composition of the sand and the likelihood of wind warrant extra anchoring to keep a tent in place. NY Tent offers everything required to provide additional anchoring and support to ensure a safe event. Used with cement blocks and sand augers, this set-up provides the optimum level of tent safety on a beach.
  • Cost: Hosts looking to hold an event on the beach will most likely incur additional costs due to the type of anchoring needed, permit acquisition, and increased labor as the installation requires hand delivery of a tent onto the beach.