Power & Climate Control

Whether it’s heating in cold weather or cooling in hot weather, our climate control options offer flexibility to hold events in all outdoor conditions. Complete power solutions also support the needs of any event.

Power & Climate Control

Power, Generators and Electrical Distribution

When additional electric power is required for your event, New York Tent offers a full line of generators and power-distribution sources. All of our generators feature powerful “quiet-run” motors, which maximize power output while keeping noise to a minimum. Generator sizes run from 3000 watts to 1 megawatt, and we can even go higher if the need arises.

Climate Control (HVAC)

Tenting is a year round option with New York Tent. Thanks to climate control technologies, we can produce an event in all weather conditions. Not even winter’s snow and bitter cold or summer’s stifling heat and humidity will keep your guests from feeling anything less than comfortable. Our arsenal of HVAC equipment, which includes kerosene, propane and electric heaters, along with super-quiet fans and AC units, is capable of maintaining the perfect indoor temperature throughout the year.