Tenting & Temporary Structures

Tents can transform ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary indoor experience. New York Tent has the vision and skill to create remarkable environments in a multitude of styles and sizes, which range from as small as 16 square feet to as large as 100,000 square feet. Always event-ready, our tents are meticulously maintained. They’re regularly cleaned with our industrial tent-washing machine, and professionally repaired, as needed, by our seasoned operations and installation team.

Century Pole Tents

These majestic, visually striking structures provide elegance and grand style with their graceful lines and sweeping peaks.  Beyond just their beauty, they offer great value as well and are considered the traditional choice for weddings and formal social affairs. The popular tension-pole design, available in an array of sizes, is also versatile for a variety of other event types.

Offering an abundance of style and an elegant presentation, our Century pole tents are available in a number of widths ranging from 30 to 100 feet and in limitless lengths. These flexible tents feature a white top, as well as white or clear options for sidewall. Their graceful lines provide an elegant profile and a more spacious interior than the traditional pole tents of the past. Often referred to as a “high peak” pole tent, this traditional structure, with its dramatic peaks and sloping valleys, offers impressive architectural sophistication. This particular tent style requires staking, and is typically installed on a fairly level surface. With a center-pole height of up to 40 feet, its stunning, majestic interior is perfectly suited to wedding celebrations and special social occasions.


Navi-Trac Frame Tents

This popular tent offers an unobstructed internal space with varied options for size and enhanced structural durability. The design is “center-pole-free” and boasts an impressive, unencumbered span of up to 50 feet wide. This type of tent can be utilized for a broad variety of uses and event types including corporate events, galas, private celebrations, weddings, industrial uses and more.

Our Navi-Trac series features a cutting-edge aluminum-frame construction, incorporating a channeled-beam design that creates a wide-open, uninterrupted space with weathertight seams and incredible stability. A stronger, more versatile version of the traditional frame tent, its unique features allow for countless upgrades. A specialized feature of the Navi-Trac system permits the sidewalls to easily slide open and closed in seconds. Additionally, its durable construction is structurally reinforced to handle high-wind conditions. Navi-Trac frame tents come in either white or clear, are supported with either stakes or weights and offer a wide variety of complimentary accessories. Tents range from 10 to 50 feet in width, and can be configured in unlimited lengths. Navi-Trac incorporates the perfect attributes of high style and structural integrity.

High Peak Festival Tents

While high peak festival tents are named appropriately, as they are very popular at festival-like events, they can also be versatile and showcase creative designs.  This style of tent offers a floating centerpole that does not obstruct the internal space and features either a single or double peak.  Though these are known for having a much smaller footprint than some other styles of tent, often in either 10, 15 or 20 foot widths, they are also well-known for being utilized in high volumes.

High peak festival tents can be accessorized and fabricated to meet the needs of any custom project.  From pop-up shops to branded events, the smaller footprint can often be the perfect fit.  Doors, hardwall, and a variety of custom fabrication options are all available.  On the contrary, your event might require keeping it simple.  For high volumes of vendors, there is no better layout than rows of 10’x10’ tent space.  From merchandise sales to ticket booths to food service, individual vendor space is often needed to ensure a safe and profitable festival or concert site.  Signage, lights and custom counter-height walls can all be affixed to the tent frame to help in both crowd control and flow of information.  No matter the need, high peak festival tents can be ordered in bulk or individually custom designed to suite your project.

Clearspan Structures

The strongest and most spacious of our tents, clearspan structures provide large, unobstructed interiors capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. These large tents are available with either a traditional A-frame roof or a curved Arcum roof and are versatile enough to transform a space into a bare-bones exhibition hall or an upscale, amenity-filled formal venue. Clearspan structures can actually be installed over trees, pools and light posts, creating spectacular outdoor venues.

The durability and overall scope of this impressive, open structure allows it to adapt to all sorts of applications. From gala social affairs and fund-raisers to construction-site housing and military use, these versatile site installations create ample space for large-scale celebrations, presentations or operations. Although temporary, these sites feel permanent. Structures are available in white, clear and a variety of custom colors, and are offered with various sidewall options, including white, clear and window. Sizes measure 10m (32 ft.) up to 50m (164 ft.) in width, and can be installed in unlimited lengths. Clearspan tents can be installed and reinforced with stakes or weights. When bigger is better, or weather conditions pose challenges, consider the heavyweight of tent design.

Tidewater Pole Tents

As the newest addition to the New York Tent line of products, tidewater pole tents marry the look of this traditional style with some unique design characteristics. While offering the sculpted peaks and elegant lines of a conventional pole tent, the sailcloth tops of a tidewater tent provide a distinctive style that further heighten the vision of an event. This is another tension-pole design, available in a variety of lengths and widths, and is most popularly showcased at events that may be looking to make a visual statement.

The translucence of the white tent top material is a true enhancement to the overall look and feel, no matter the time of day. It provides a warm, natural glow from both daytime and evening lighting, which actually allows the distinguishing features of the tent to shine through. For a unique pole tent look, Tidewater tops are also available in clear. That same architectural sophistication for which high peak pole tents are known is apparent with this style of tent. This, paired with a hint of nautical flare, is a combination that makes for a truly memorable event space. As with other styles of pole tents, tidewater tents require staking, and are typically installed on a fairly level surface.