Backyard barbeques, festive fireworks and all things America; Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means people across the nation will begin planning their celebrations. While a party tent always enhances a holiday like this one, it is important to consider these tips when planning your July 4th bash:

  • Be Mindful of Fireworks – Under no circumstances should fireworks or sparklers be used inside a tent. Also, fireworks should be launched a safe distance from tents and party-goers. Fire codes differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so be sure to contact your local fire department for a list of rules and regulations.
  • Certified Flame-Retardant – With any event, NY Tent takes the factor of safety very seriously. As with our product, make sure the fabrics in your tent are certified flame-retardant or fire-resistant. Even with this assurance, it’s still important to safeguard against nearby fireworks, sparklers, and even barbeque grills.
  • Be Fun and Festive – Décor and ambiance are vital components in setting the mood for your celebration. Customizable solutions, such as dressing up a tent with American flag imagery, can liven up your July 4th party!