Even with extensive planning, uncontrollable factors, such as cold temperatures and extreme heat, can throw a wrench into outdoor events. As a host, it is important to think beyond the aesthetics of a tented event space, and take into account potential uncomfortable temperatures that can create an unpleasant experience for your guests.

All too often, those looking to plan outdoor events leave the weather solely in Mother Nature’s hands. With a climate-controlled tent – rain or shine – your party will go off without a hitch! As an event partner, NY Tent gives careful thought to the element of climate. Here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Beat the Heat: Hot, sticky summer weather can take away from the enjoyment of your event. High temps can even stop some guests from dancing! NY Tent’s climate-controlled systems, with super-quiet fans and AC units, are capable of maintaining the perfect temperature.
  • Avoid the Big Chill: During the cooler months, NY Tent’s HVAC equipment includes kerosene, propane and electric heaters to keep your guests warm and toasty.
  • Enhance Guest Experience: Overall, guests expect every aspect of an event to be accounted for, including the room temperature. In terms of overall guest experience, a venue’s temperature is just as important as the scrumptious food and impeccable décor. Don’t let an uncomfortable experience be the only thing your guests remember.