Congratulations Class of 2017! Now is the time to celebrate graduates of all ages and their educational achievements! There’s no better way to enjoy this momentous occasion, than to be surrounded by family and friends in a magnificent outdoor tent. At NY Tent, we fully understand that a graduation is a major milestone in life, and we consider ourselves a strong and creative partner in helping to create the most memorable moments for that special day.

Tents come in all shapes, sizes and colors – and we specialize in fully customized concepts and options. Here are some top tent tips that will help in your graduation celebration planning:

  • Tailor Your Tent: If you’re looking to rent a tent for an upcoming graduation ceremony or party, take a guest count, and your outdoor space into consideration. From a grand scale event to a smaller, more intimate party, choosing the right elements is important. NY Tent offers various customized tents and other features specifically tailored for your celebration!
  • Think About Theme: The smallest of details can be crucial to an event. The right décor for your graduation party can create a comfortable and pleasurable mood for your guests. NY Tent offers you a variety of décor options.
  • School Graduation Ceremony: A tent is ideal for the graduation ceremony itself. A graduation ceremony can run long; students and guests can get uncomfortable sitting for hours in the heat. Climate control tents allow celebrations and ceremonies to be held outside, no matter how hot it may be there! Thanks to our HVAC equipment, the challenges of the hot and humid summer air or the harsh winter weather are eliminated. And, your guests will thank you for it!
  • Embrace School Pride: NY Tent provides custom upgrades that will enhance the look of your tent and make your graduation stand out amongst the rest. A branded tent with the right placement of a school logo is the perfect touch. Not only will this impress your guests, but it will increase the feelings of school pride among all of the attendees!