Knowing basic tent styles can help in making the best choice for your event.

Fiesta Frame

Fiesta Frame Tents are commonly used for marquee tents, service tents and tents that require narrower width. Fiestas can, however, be nearly any desired length and are available in widths ranging from 4′-24′.

High Peak Frame

High Peak Frame Tents are often used for festivals and other high volume applications. They can create rows or be used individually in modest sizes such as 10’x10′, 10’x20′, 15’x15′, 20’x20′, as well as a few other popular sizes.

Century Pole

Century Pole Tents are commonly used for social events, festivals, and a variety of other applications. Known for sweeping peaks, they are a popular wedding favorite. We offer Century Pole Tents in widths that range from 30′-100′.

Navi Lite/Navi Trac

Navi Lite/Navi Trac Frame Tents are often used for social and corporate events, among others. They offer an unobstructed interior space and are known for added frame strength when compared to Fiesta or High Peak Frame Tents. Widths range from 20′-50′.

Losberger Clearspan

Losberger Clearspan Structures have the highest engineering capacity and, therefore, the broadest applications. They offer even more frame strength and wider widths along with an unobstructed interior space. Clearspans are available in A-frame or a curved roof known as Arcum. Widths range from 6m (20′)-60 m(200′).